How to prepare GK for SSC CGL Tier-I Exam 2017

By | June 15, 2017

How to prepare GK for SSC CGL Tier-I Exam 2017 SSC CGL 2017 notification is out. There is a slight change in time of Tier 1 exam. It has been reduced from 75 minutes to 60 minutes. The general awareness section is one in which you need less time to attempt and more chances to score well. It may take hardly 10 to 12 minutes in attempting GA section.

In this article, I am sharing a strategy for preparing GA section.

There is an old and famous line, “If you want to conquer anything, first step is to know its history”. I am showing you a quick analysis of past exams GA section.

prepare GK for SSC CGL Tier-I Exam

Section Topic201020112012201320142015



Social Science/Static

Indian History and Culture565655

Current Affairs

Miscellaneous GK
(Includes sports, honors, awards,
current affairs, important dates)

In 2016, SSC CGL exam pattern was changed, the number of questions was reduced from 50 to 25 in each section. The distribution of questions is given below.

S. No.AreaUnitNo. of questions
1Current Affairs & GKCurrent Affairs5
Static GK3
Computer Science1
Political Science2

And the overall distribution of questions from past 12 years is:

Main takeaways from this analysis are:-

  • General science contributes maximum number of questions.
  • As per previous trends the weightage of chemistry has increased as compared to physics and biology.
  • Social Study is next major area to score.
  • Number of questions from Economy has decreased as compared to previous trends.
  • The weightage of Current affairs has increased.
  • The weightage of arts has decreased.
  • With proper planning and strategy it is possible to score well.

Now, I am sharing strategy to prepare section wise important topics and source to use.

1.Current Affairs and Static GK

Topics Source
Offices Under Government of India 









Gradeup App

S.I. Units
International Organization
Olympic Games
Trophies and Cups
Places Associated With Sports
Famous Tourist Spots of India
Famous Sites Of World
Wonders Of The World
Pulitzer Prize
Bharat Ratna
Padma Awards
Grammy Awards
Jnanpith Award
List of Jnanpith Awardees
Asian Games
Ramon Magsaysay Award
Books By Indian Authors
Current AffairsWeekly GK Digest on Gradeup

2. Science:-

TopicSub TopicSource











Force & pressure 










Physics Capsule of Gradeup

solar system
mechanics (newton laws, centripetal, centrifugal forces, projectiles, angle of banking, potential & kinetic energy)
liquids (capillarity, surface tension, viscosity)
Modern physics (atomic energy, radio activity, cosmic, x rays, visible spectrum.)






Acids, bases and salts 




Chemistry Capsule of Gradeup

Atoms and molecules
Metals and non-metals
Periodic table classification
carbon compounds(hydrocarbons, polymers)
Physical and chemical changes
Bio molecules(carbohydrates, proteins, fats)
Nuclear reactions





Cell structure 




Biology Capsule of Gradeup

Living organisms classification
life processes of plants and animals (nutrition, digestion, respiration, circulatory system, blood, excretion)
Control & coordination(nervous system, eyes, ears)
Endocrine system & reproduction
Digestive enzymes
Infectious diseases
Natural resources management(air, water, soil pollution, wetlands, forestry, wildlife)
Applications of biology (plant breeding, animal breeding, pesticides, bio fertilizers, biotechnology, stem cells)
Institutions of National importance.


TopicSub TopicSource








Layers of Earth 







Geography Notes on Gradeup

Types of Mountains
Layers of Earth Atmosphere
Winds & Their Types
Ocean Currents
Major Sea Routes and Canals
Islands & Continents
Peninsula & Plateau
Types of Soils
Mineral Resources of India
National Highways and Waterways of India
Ports in India







Ancient India- Pre-historic 






History Notes on Gradeup

Paleolithic Period
Mesolithic Period
Neolithic Period
Chalcolithic Period
Iron Age
Mauryan Empire
Post Mauryan Kingdoms
Gupta Kingdom
Post Guptas or Contemporary Guptas
Delhi Sultanate
First War of Indian Independence
Formation of Indian National Congress
Formation of Muslim League
Non Co-operation Movement
Civil Disobedience Movement
Quit India Movement
Partition of India
Constitutional Development of India (1946 – 1950)
Economic Development of India
Wars – India-Pak – Formation of Bangladesh; India- China
New Economic Policy of 1991
Nuclear, Space and Defense Development






Political Science

Constitution of India and Amendments 






Polity notes on Gradeup

Politics in India
Constitutional bodies,
Fundamental Rights and duties
Union government structure
State government structure
Lok sabha and Rajya Sabha
President, Chief justice, Attorney General
Courts of India


Five Year Plans 





Economics Notes on Gradeup

Indian Tax Structure
Economic Terms
NITI Aayog
Agriculture and Land Development
National Income
Foreign Trade
Indian Fiscal System
  • Try to cover these topics in priority basis. The topics with more weightage should be covered first. Try to attempt as many quizzes as you can. If you keep on reading these topics without taking tests you may feel bore.
  • Try to make mnemonics of important topics so that you can easily remember facts. As per a study, our associative memory helps us in remembering things after the age of 18. So try to associate things with well-known things, facts, objects or memories.
  • Don’t spend more than required time on a particular topic, instead try to priorities sub topics of that topic.
  • Success is achieved with consistent efforts. Try to study GA everyday instead of keeping it aside for last few days.
  • Put more stress on previous year’s questions as SSC repeats questions.
  • Explain your topics to others, it will help you getting clear in your doubts & highlight the area you need to work.

At last I would suggest you practice, practice and practice as much as you can.

If you wish to be updated regarding the upcoming ssc exams, their patterns, syllabus and other details, you can try Gradeup App for ssc exam preparation. Try free study material, get updates of upcoming exams, and practice free mock tests for various competitive exams.

All the best for your exam..

Team gradeup..!!

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